What is Arcane Assets?

Mock-invest in Magic cards

If you got $2.000 to invest in Magic cards, how much could you profit? With Arcane Assets, finally answer this crazy question!

Completely free - no real money involved. Just invest in your favourite cards and test your market prediction skills.

It’s realistic: we use real market pricing for all cards! Find the most popular Magic cards from the last 25+ years.

Compete for fun

Get great profits. The objective in Arcane Assets is to get as much “profit” as possible with your mock-investments. Buy and sell the right cards at the right time to accomplish this!

Compete against everyone else! Climb to the top of the Arcane Assets leaderboard by making the smartest trades at the right time.


Become the top mock-investor in Arcane Assets and win prizes!

Open beta prizes

Finish in the top 3 by 23 Sep to win a real Magic card in high demand!

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Most popular

The cards with the most transactions (bought & sold units) in Arcane Assets

Beta info

We're in beta!

Arcane Assets is still new and very much a work in progress — so you may run into things that don't look quite right.

To give us feedback or report any issues, please join our Discord server!

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